• Professional Development Sessionsphoto 12
    • Continuing Professional Education – General meetings for professional members and corporate partners on technical trends in accounting, finance and business along with non technical professional development seminars
    • Networking Receptions Hosted with Other Professional Organizations
    • Corporate Recruiting Opportunities
  • Southern Region Student Conference
    • September 21 – September 23, 2017
    • The focus of the conferences is primarily on career development and job placement. Interactive development sessions on topics such as Transitioning from Student to Professional, Chapter Leadership Development, and Dynamic Interviewing Skills are also provided
    • 400 students in attendance with 70 college and universities represented
  • Student Development Sessions
    • “A Day with NABA” – Fall and Regional Day held at the University of South Florida or the University of Central Florida
    • Fall Day – a one day professional development workshop to prepare the students of the Metropolitan Tampa Bay Chapter for the Southern Region Student Conference. Some topics included Business Etiquette, Resume Review, Branding, and Mock Interviews
    • Regional Day – a one day professional development workshop with an interactive sessions including:
      • Interviewing & Resume writing
      • Professional Dress
      • Professional round table discussions
      • Career advice and networking with professional members.

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